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Fish Links

This page will hold all the fishy links I can find on the web. Categorized, of course.

Last updated 05/20/2010


www.aquaden.com Excellent forum with many helpful experts

General Information Sources

Aquaden Articles Wide range of articles
The Skeptical Aquarist A lot of information on many topics
The Krib A ton of searchable information and archived info from usenet groups
The Aquaria FAQs This answers many questions you may have about fishkeeping.
Wet Web Media Many articles, good FAQs too

Planted Tank Resources

www.aquatic-gardeners.org AGA ... the best thing is the contest photos
aquatic-eden.blogspot.com Freshwater Planted Aquarium Blog - Aquatic Eden

Online Shops

www.thatpetplace.com Good prices on common items (filters/heaters)
www.aquabotanic.com Purchase live aquatic plants, complete with articles
www.aquabid.com Like an Ebay for aquarists! I've bought a lot of fish from here in the past

Fellow Fishkeeper's Websites

Vicki's Place Nice website with great pictures and articles
Jared W's Page Info on discus, angels, and planted aquaria

Species Specific sites

ScotCat.com Excellent website on all species of catfish
PlanetCatfish.com Another excellent website on all species of catfish
AmateurCichlids.com Website about african cichlids, forums, and photos of fish in natural habitat
Home of the Rainbowfish THE definitive website for my other favorite fish species... rainbowfish from Australia and New Guinea
PlecoFanatics.com Website dedicated to the Loricariidae Family, of which Otocinclus belong!
DwarfPuffers.com Dedicated to 100% freshwater dwarf puffers... almost as cute as otos!

corydoras arcuatus (skunk)
Stinky boy!

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