Zebra Otocinclus

zebra otocinclus zebra otocinclus


The common name for this species is "Zebra Otocinclus", but they have been recently classified and the scientific name is Otocinclus cocama.

I was lucky to receive ten of these through the mail February 2003 from a seller on aquabid.com (which is the "Ebay" for aquarium products). I think they are the coolest looking catfish I've seen in a long time. Unfortunately, in typical otocinclus fashion, they started dying off one by one. As of this writing (the end of April 2003) I have 3 left, and they have looked healthy for over a month. I'm hoping to try and breed these awesome species and I'm willing to dedicate a 20 Gallon Long tank for that purpose.

For now they are in a heavily planted 29 gallon tank. It's not pretty, plants are scattered everywhere in a haphazard fashion... it's mostly a grow-out tank at this point until I get things organized. I believe I have 1 male and 2 females, which isn't the best ratio for egglayers to spawn (usually you want 1 female and multiple males in this situation.) But I don't see any more of these fish coming down the pike so I must make do with what I have!

News as of August 8th 2003! The new zebra otocinclus have finally arrived! I was able to get 8 of them. There is one monster sized one, a normal size, and 6 tiny ones that look like young juveniles. This may mean that they really are starting to breed them in Singapore like the reports are saying, but the seller swears they are wild caught. In any case I'm happy with them. They are all in the 29 gallon tank with the other zebra otos.


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